Best Dressed Contest

Extra! Extra!

The Known World Costume and Fiber Arts Symposium
is Excited to Present



Dress to Impress! The Contest will be held at Known World Costume and Fiber Arts Symposium. Saturday, June 22, 7pm, Carrollton Courtyard Hotel. Open to attendees registered for the whole weekend only. Voted by the populace. Categories include but are not limited to:

  • Best Non-Western (Any non-European Costume)
  • Best Pre-William the Bastard (Any area)
  • Swankiest Court Clothes (Any era or period)
  • Best Norse Clothes that Should Have Inspired “The Vikings” Costumer
  • EXTRA Accessories
  • That Hat is a Whole Jar of Nuts, Huzzah!
  • Most Extra Italian Peninsula
  • Your Fiber Art in Your Costume